One of the most common questions that grooms deal with is whether or not their attire should match that of their brides.

While it doesn't have to be a perfect match, the groom must wear something that will complement the look of her bride and match the level of formality. Here are some ideas if you’re wondering what your groom can wear depending on your dress style.

Princess Ball Gown

A princess wedding dress is a full-skirted ball gown that features a fuller, voluminous body with a fitted bodice. It usually features sparkles, beading, and embellishments. In short, it is a dramatic style of dress. It's very romantic and feminine and is guaranteed a show-stopper.

Black Tuxedo

If you're wearing a ball gown or a mermaid dress, you want your groom’s attire to match the drama and sophistication of your look. That said, you want something stylish and formal, such as a black tuxedo. The foremost distinction among a tux and an in shape is that the latter makes use of silk satin maximum prominently at the lapels.

Black tuxedos are the most formal attire options for grooms. It perfectly complements a ball gown or mermaid dress, especially if the wedding function will be held in the evening or winter.

A black tux is already sophisticated on its own so colors and patterns should be minimal or better there's none at all. All the groom needs is a simple white tuxedo or dress shirt and a black bow tie. For the footwear, it should be black dress shoes.

An alternative to a black tux is midnight blue. This color option is recommended to grooms who want something unique and modern but still need the level of formality that a black tux offers. In terms of fabric, wool is the most common but matte silk is more extravagant.

A-line Dress

An A-line wedding gown is one of the most flattering wedding dress silhouettes. It features a fitted waistline and flared skirt. This style suits a bride who wants a romantic, sleek, and whimsical look for her big day.

Now, the number of embellishments is a factor when determining the level of formality of the groom's attire. That said, he can wear a tux or a suit, depending on how simple or extravagant the bride's dress is.

Dark Tux or Suit for Groom

If you're having a formal wedding but you don't want your outfits to be too formal-looking, your groom should skip the black tux and look for a different color.

Darker tones like navy blue and deep red tones are some of the most trendy ideas now.

Suits also make a fantastic matching outfit for the A-line dress. Depending on the theme of your wedding as well as the level of formality, you can dress them up or down.

If you want to be on the safe side, go for suits in “neutral” shades. If you want something more unique, your groom can wear a brighter hue or mix conventional colors with unexpected ones.

Tea-length Dress

Tea-length dresses are often worn by brides who want a vintage style of look. They come in a variety of fabrics and necklines. In addition, they can be dressed up or down depending on the type or style of your wedding event. A tea-length dress is a bit longer than the knees, but it's always above the ankles.

Colored Suit for Groom

Since tea-length dresses are non-traditional styles, they give the perfect opportunity for grooms to also break the tradition and opt for something unique and fun. As such, this dress style goes with colores suits. Among the popular options are grey, dark blue, and black.

For fall and winter weddings, jewel tones like emerald, rust, red, purple, and burgundy are excellent picks. If you initially opted for custom engagement rings, they’re game-changers as perfectly fit your theme. The groom should wear a white shirt underneath and add a black or neutral tie to make the suit stand out. Alternatively, he can go for a printed shirt and a bow tie for a whimsical look. To make sure your jewelry style and color match your outfit, opt for custom jewelry to make every detail a fit.

Slip Dress or Daytime Wedding Dress

A slip dress is a classic dress that is both elegant and chic. It's a perfect style that suits a minimalist bride. Slip dresses are flattering, timeless, and very versatile. Whether you're having a laid-back or intimate wedding getaway or a glamorous city wedding, a slip dress never goes out of style.

Light-Colored Suit for Groom

Suits in lighter shades of gray, blue, and other popular colors are great options for the groom. For a more laid-back look, pair it with a white shirt and skip the tie.

Colored Dress

More and more brides are choosing colored dresses over traditional white. Some of the most popular colors are purple, red, pink, and yellow. Aside from colors, modern brides are also incorporating prints and patterns on their gowns. Anything from floral to geometric patterns, there’s a lot of options to try. celebration. They include white, grey, beige, brown, navy, and black. These colors pair.

Neutral-colored Suit or Tux for Groom

If you’re wearing a colored dress, let your groom wear a neutral-colored tux or suit, depending on the level of formality of yourself with any dress color. For a matchy look, your groom can wear a tie with the same color or pattern as your dress.

Tips When Matching Groom’s Attire to Your Dress and Wedding Style

Dressing your groom can be difficult. Apart from the styles we mentioned above, here are some more tips and suggestions when pulling off the perfect look for your groom that matches your dress.

Consider the formality of your event.

Just as you carefully choose a wedding gown to match the season, style, and venue of your wedding, so should your groom.

For instance, if you're celebrating your big day at a hotel or luxurious setting, your groom should be wearing a crispy tailored suit or tuxedo. If you're tying the knot in a backyard setting, then it calls for laid-back attire.

The right ‘fit’ is very important.

Really, it's all about the fit. A well-tailored and well-fitting suit looks flattering on a groom. Remember, he should be able to move his arms well, whether you're hugging, dancing, or simply walking around.

Whether you're buying or renting a suit or tuxedo, you have to make sure that it fits and is comfortable to wear. Most stores will tailor the suit to fit the groom's body type. A good tailor will also make sure that the pants fit and aren't too short or too long when standing or sitting.

Don't forget the accessories.

When we talk about wedding accessories, most of us often refer to the bride-to-be. Yet, even grooms need accessories too. Help your guy upgrade his suit or tuxedo with the right pieces.

Among the most important accessories for grooms are formal dress shoes, socks, ties, and cufflinks. However, do note that these are just the basics. There are other ways to personalize his looks, such as the use of boutonnieres and on-palette bow ties.

A tie or a bow tie is a must-have wedding suit accessory and the choices are seemingly endless. Whatever look you're going for, there's surely a tie to match it.

Seasonality can help decide on the fabric and color for the groom's tie. For example, knit or velvet is ideal for winter while silk and cotton ties are great for spring or summer.

Don't forget suspenders and belts. Many people don't consider belts as a statement wedding accessory, but certain styles can greatly elevate the groom's ensemble. For example, a woven belt provides dimension and depth to even a simple wedding suit. Aside from belts and suspenders, the groom can also wear statement socks.

Tux or Suit?

Based on the dress styles we mentioned above, you already have an idea about which is more appropriate for certain wedding styles. However, let's dig a little deeper into tux vs suit so you can help your groom decide which one to wear.

Time of the event

Tuxedos are evening wear so they are best worn for weddings held in the afternoon or evening. If you're having a morning or brunch celebration, a suit will be more appropriate.

Wedding theme

If you're having a formal black-tie wedding, then your groom needs a tuxedo to match your elegant dress. If you're having a casual wedding, then your groom will be more comfortable with a suit.

Personal preference

Regardless of the rules, it still boils down to both your personal preferences. Grooms who want to look extra striking on their day can always choose to wear a tux. Meanwhile, those who want a less formal look can go for a suit.


The groom and the bride should have coordinated looks. They don’t have to perfectly match, but they need to complement each other. It’s best to shop for the bride’s dress first so you can streamline your options for the groom’s attire.